In 1996 we acquired property on Sleeping Bear Bay (Lake Michigan) with the plan to construct a year-around home. We were referred to David Webster Construction by a mutual friend who had built a home with David a few years previously. After meeting David and having the opportunity through a few meetings to get acquainted, we decided this was a long distance relationship that could work (us down-state and David in Traverse City) and proceeded working with him on the design and construction of our Glen Arbor, MI. home. As we worked our way through the design process (Bob Holdeman - AAI) during 1996-7, David was involved and extremely helpful as we made the inevitable choices required to balance needs/wants with our budget. The construction phase started in 1996-97 was completed on-time and on-budget. People who visit our home often comment on the quality of construction and attention to detail. Very importantly, the working relationship with David and his entire team was nothing short of outstanding. Following this initial construction phase, we have since added an addition over the garage and an outdoor shed that architecturally matches the home (2003) and later a new blue stone and field stone terrace with an outdoor kitchen and fireplace (2006). There was never a second thought about who we would use for these additional projects and they were delivered at the same standard of excellence as the original home. Again, the working relationship with David and his entire team was outstanding. As one can tell, we have been and remain extremely pleased with our 10 year working relationship with David Webster Construction and can enthusiastically recommend David's company to others. We are very proud of the home David has constructed for us in Glen Arbor and know our family and hopefully future generations, will enjoy it for many years to come.

- Judy and Lee Gardner


We are in the process of trying to sell the first house we ever owned and were asked by a perspective buyer to itemize all the improvements, remodels and additions we have made over the past 17 years. The main house was built in 1907 and was 2300 sq. ft. and the additions were so seamlessly done that it is very difficult to tell what is new and what has been around for 100 years. I suppose it is not enough to just tell a buyer that the work was all done by David Webster Construction but that is the best way I know how to explain why it all looks so good. A few interested buyers who were clearly familiar with Dave's work have responded with a succession of head nods when he is mentioned as the one responsible for our beautiful home. Our list of additions and improvements reads like a partial Dave Webster Construction history, because hardly a year went by without some of his crew coming back to remodel or build our latest project. In addition to our main house projects, we have loved working with Dave and his guys so much that over the years we have had him build our cabin and a house for our parents. We consider he and his crew to be very good friends and we always look forward to working with them. When many of my friends complain about how their building projects with another builder was one of the worst experiences of their lives I feel guilty about how much fun we have had with Dave. But even more important than the good times is the fact that the work of David Webster Construction is phenomenally beautiful. My husband was recently told of a conversation between coworkers and the subject being discussed had been 'the only really good builder in town'. My husband perked up and inquired who had been so highly praised. The answer, of course, was "Dave Webster Construction".

- Dr. and Mrs John Keep


David Webster Construction recently competed a second home for us on Grand Traverse Bay, just south of Northport, MI. Having been in the building supply business for over 30 years and personally involved in the new construction of several other residences, we can say with firm conviction that our experience with David Webster Construction was well-above our expectations. The quality of the workmanship, attention to detail and communication with the client is something rarely found in today's home building industry. The entire process, start to finish, was extremely well managed by David and his crew. Our home was completed on time, on budget and with very few surprises. We thoroughly enjoyed the whole process and if we should ever decide to build another home in the Traverse City area, David Webster Construction would be our only choice.

- James L. Pease III


David Webster and his entire team are truly amazing. Their workmanship from the ground up is an indicator of the quality of their final product. Each craftsman is an expert in their field and they respect the talents of their colleagues. Integrity, Honesty, Flexibility, and Creativity were among the qualities that made the process of building our home a pleasure. An indicator of the quality of their workmanship was evident as the house neared completion the punch list of work to be done was virtually empty!!! If we did find something later- they took care of it on the spot!!! We continue to call Dave first when we need work done and tell everyone with great pride and confidence to contact Dave Webster when they consider building or making changes to their home or business. The bottom line is Quality Workmanship, a Collaborative Skilled Team and Integrity are what create Lasting Quality.

- Jes Asmussen and Colleen Cooper

“David Webster and his entire team are truly amazing. Their workmanship from the ground up is an indicator of the quality of their final product. Each craftsman is an expert in their field and they respect the talents of their colleagues.”

- Jes Asmussen and Colleen Cooper