Suttons Bay Point

Architect: David Hanawalt, Architect

This year-round home on the shore of Lake Michigan was placed thoughtfully on a challenging and relatively narrow triangular lakeshore parcel.  The architect, David Hanawalt, designed a solution by creating three smaller structures to comprise the larger home, stepped along the shoreline at clean and contemporary angles.   Evoking traditional roof lines, the house is both modern and reflective of the region’s rural history.  The house includes a separate apartment and an art studio along with familiar rooms such as the main living room in the center of the home.  Clean and modern white interiors throughout the home provide the backdrop and gallery for the owner’s extensive collection of art, sculpture and furniture.  By contrast, the maple and wide plank walnut floors set off the furniture and give warmth and elegance to the interiors.  Larger than expected windows are placed for extensive views form the interior and to create a sense of harmony in geometry to the outside world.

“We have been and remain extremely pleased with our 10 year working relationship with David Webster Construction and can enthusiastically recommend David's company to others.”

- Judy and Lee Gardner