Steamboat Stop

Architect: Robert Holdeman, Architect

This summer residence was constructed on a beautiful large inland lake at the site of a turn of the century steam boat stop. The cottage was built on a rolling wooded site tucked into the tall white pines.

A white cedar shingle exterior with exposed rafter tails recreates the Turn of the Century cottage feel. The owner insisted on mirrored exterior elevations to create a well-thought-out balance of design.  The detached guest house above was built into the steep bank behind the main house separated by a circle drive and wooded island. This reduced the scale of of the residence while maintaining capacity and added interest and privacy to the site. The owners' choice of  "large" natural fieldstone added to the rustic feel inside and out. The interior radiates a warm cozy feel from the stone fireplace, cedar timbers & paneling, reclaimed pine barnwood flooring, and the owners' ability to find great peices with an authentic eye for decorating. We enjoyed constructing this cottage with the old world charm.  Under it all unlike the old places with character, this one has a  core of an energy efficient home constructed  with green building methods and materials.

“David Webster and his entire team are truly amazing. Their workmanship from the ground up is an indicator of the quality of their final product. Each craftsman is an expert in their field and they respect the talents of their colleagues.”

- Jes Asmussen and Colleen Cooper