Peninsula Treetops

Architect: Ed Kriskywicz, Architect

This home was built as a year-round residence and was carefully positioned overhanging a steep bluff. The quarter circle living, dining room and terrace radiates a dramatic view through the trees overlooking Marion Island.  Selective pruning and topping of the trees below accomplished this manicured view.  This provides a picture-framed view with ultimate privacy and shade.

The interior detail and furniture was created with rare spalted maple cut from trees cleared for the house and driveway.  The curvilinear form to the living space makes the interior and exterior spaces uncommon and interesting.

Leaded glass windows and the hand-forged iron railing work relate to each other with like details.  A comfortable Cherry paneled library with a large stone fireplace, built-in bookcases and benches create an inviting space to lounge with a book.  The wine cellar, a curved spalted Beachwood bar, straw plaster walls, sauna and exercise room make the lower level a popular place.

An elevated stone terrace is a nice alternative to wood decking.  Granite boulder retaining walls create the terraced landscaping beds that flow through the site and eliminate the need to mow.  Hydro seeded wildflowers mix as ground cover creates an ever-changing painted canvas effect to the yard.

“We have been and remain extremely pleased with our 10 year working relationship with David Webster Construction and can enthusiastically recommend David's company to others.”

- Judy and Lee Gardner