Long Lake Estate - Work in Progress

Architect: Robert Ben Begley, Architect

This historic summer residence features a seamless modern update to a 100-year-old structure. 

This incredible property is surrounded by panoramic scenic views. This home underwent a complete rehab that maintains the structure's antique authenticity while updating the home's energy efficiency and internal design. The home retained many of its original materials. All of the new materials brought in during the rehab process were sourced from the property's original historic period. The home features hand peeled logs that were built into a new wing to match the rest of the residence. An old dining hall was converted into an open spacious four seasons room complete with hand-built windows for a full view of the outdoors.

The property is complemented by neighboring trees and grass that were left undisturbed during the building process.



“David Webster and his entire team are truly amazing. Their workmanship from the ground up is an indicator of the quality of their final product. Each craftsman is an expert in their field and they respect the talents of their colleagues.”

- Jes Asmussen and Colleen Cooper